Summer Camps - All you can science

This program offers unique hands-on minds-on activities for curious campers.

DIY Circuit

Using buzzers, light bulbs, motors, and repurposed stuffed toys parts, participants discover the fundamentals of electrical circuits.

Water Rockets

It’s a countdown to fun, as each participant gets a chance to launch their own water rocket!

Note: Outdoors only. If it rains, this activity will be replaced by another captivating workshop!

Zap Fizz Bang Science Show

Live science demonstrations chock-full of fun experiments to spark scientific curiosity.


  • 1 group (up to 25 participants): $ 225
  • 2 groups (up to 50 participants each): $ 400

Within the Ottawa/Gatineau region only; for locations 50 to 100 kilometres from the Museum, a $75 surcharge applies.

(plus applicable tax)

Information and Reservations:

1-866-442-4416 (toll free within Canada)

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