Game Changers - Travelling Exhibition

With technological advancements, such as motion sensing and audio developments, our video gaming experience has evolved significantly from the first PONG to the photo-realistic, immersive games of today. This exhibition looks at what shapes the player’s experience and explores how innovations have transformed the way we interact with computer technology.

This highly interactive exhibition is a sensory experience that engages visitors in multiple ways. Through carefully chosen video games and systems, and unique interactive platforms, visitors get to “live” the video game evolution.

Hosting Information:

Detailed information on this travelling exhibition available for download in PDF format.

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Travel Schedule:

Science North, Sudbury, ON October 8, 2016 - January 8, 2017
Western Development Museum, Saskatoon, SK February 7 - April 30 2017
Musée de la nature et des sciences, Serbrooke, QC May 19 - October 9 2017
Canada Science and Technology Museum, Ottawa, ON November 2017

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