What to See and Do

Let’s Talk Gaming!

Come for an evening of captivating discussions and networking opportunities that marks the launch of the Game Changers travelling exhibition and programming initiative produced by the Canada Science and Technology Museum.

Through the lenses of a university professor, a researcher, and an expert in the gaming industry, explore how video games are an integral part of our culture, as well as the power of these interactions in our everyday lives.

Are gamers really antisocial and reclusive?
Simon Vendette, Director of Freemium, Game Design and Product Management at Magmic

What’s the Trouble with Gender and Gaming?
Kelsey Catherine Schmitz, Education Content Specialist at Learning Bird Inc.

Minecrafting History
Shawn Graham, Associate Professor of Digital Humanities at Carleton University

Presentations in English followed by a bilingual discussion session

Session will end with a social hour and game testing.

Are U Game?

The tickets are sold out.

Admission is free. Refreshments provided. Space is limited.

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