The New Canada Science and Technology Museum

The Vision for the Museum Park 

Right next to the Canada Science and Technology Museum is a valuable but underutilized green space that is full of opportunities. The Museum has been working with citizens and stakeholders to develop a visionary master plan for the open space.

The vision for the Museum Park is unique, spectacularly so: a community space infused with science and technology. It embraces the ideas of forward-looking events, by engaging and delighting visitors and the community, immersing them in science and technology experiences, while making no demands on learning.

The Museum Park will allow visitors to play while at the same time inviting them to approach and enter the Museum. The Park will also take the opportunity to teach – acting as a conduit, a visual, playful and physical overture to the Museum itself.

Importantly, it will be much more than science and technology: the space will be community-friendly, beautiful to look at, and an attraction in the nation’s capital.

The approach of the Park is one of play for all ages, incorporating a healthy body, healthy brain, and learning into one space.

Spaces will be designed for multiple types of play including water play, active play, free play, cooperative play, and solitary play.

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