The New Canada Science and Technology Museum

Renewing the beloved Canada Science and Technology Museum

The renewed, modern museum, set to open in November 2017, will continue to promote and celebrate Canada’s long history of scientific and technological achievements, and to inspire future innovation.

When it reopens, it will feature over 7,400 m2 (80,000 sq. ft.) of new exhibition space, including an 850 m2 (9,200 sq. ft.) temporary exhibition hall to accommodate travelling exhibitions from around the world.

The Museum will have five main galleries:

  • Creating and Using Knowledge;
  • Children's Gallery;
  • Moving and Connecting, which will include the beloved locomotives;
  • Technology in our Lives;
  • Transforming Resources.

Additionally, to better showcase the Museum’s magnificent collection, there will be Artifact Alley, which will introduce Augmented Reality to Museum visitors. Visitor favourite the Crazy Kitchen will also be part of the renewed Museum, as well as a demonstration stage, classrooms and maker space.

“The renewed Canada Science and Technology Museum will enhance the visitor experience beyond the walls of the Museum. With new mobile applications and travelling exhibitions, the public will be able to access the Museum in different ways and through new experiences. It will be dynamic, interactive, and immersive.”

- Alex Benay
Former President and CEO, Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation

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