National Graffiti Mural Contest

Canada Science and Technology Museum National Graffiti Mural Contest Winners

Grades JK to 3 (ages 4 to 8)

Winner: Science
Alex R (Grade 2)
67th Nepean Brownies, Nepean, Ontario

“This is inspired from all the science in my brain.”

Runner-up: Photosynthesis
Saralyn Beane (Grade 2)
Munro Academy, Balls Creek, Nova Scotia

“I am inspired by how plants turn sunlight and water and carbon dioxide into sugar so they can survive.”

Grades 4 to 6 (ages 9-11)

Winner: Steampunk Bird
Andreas Steinitz (Grade 6)
Albert College Junior School, Belleville, Ontario

“In a world where nature and technology meet, my picture was inspired by the beauty of nature and the progression of technology. It shows the juxtaposition between the natural and technological worlds.”

Runner-up: Futuriste
Andrew, Évard, Harry (Grade 5)
École Internationale de Montréal Primaire, Montreal, Quebec

« Pour nous, la science nous inspire la technologie avancée et futuriste. Cela est très important pour que notre monde avance. Cela changera beaucoup de choses et notre monde évoluera.»

Grades 7 to 9 (ages 12-14)

Winner: Inspiration!
Camille Arsenault and Gabrielle Levasseur (Grade 8)
Collège catholique Samuel-Genest, Ottawa, Ontario

« Cette œuvre représente la science qui m'inspire. En la regardant, nous pouvons voir un paysage, ainsi que des ampoules. Les ampoules représentent les idées. À l’intérieur, nous pouvons voir le même paysage, mais changé par la science et les inventions. Avec cette peinture, nous pouvons voir comment la vie a été affectée par la science.»

Runner-up: Different / The Same
Madiha Ahad (Grade 8)
Queen Elizabeth Public School, Ottawa, Ontario

“My artwork is a representation of what we see in people every day, and what it looks like behind it all. It's supposed to show that everyone is seen as different, but we are really all the same, since we all have the same organs and systems in the inside. Science inspires me because there are so many different artistic views to it.”

Grades 10-12 (ages 15-19)

Winner: Observed Reality
Katherine Langdon (Grade 10)
Summits West Independent School, Calgary, Alberta

“Of all my creative endeavors, I have always been curious and amazed about how much we know and don't at the same time; each questions answer brings with it infinite possibilities and more questions to answer. The world is only what we can measure, and our imagination is the only limit, meaning every time I can express myself through art someone else can see the world through my eyes.”

Runner-up: Street Meets Science
Edward Chan (Grade 11)
Mother Teresa Catholic High School, Ottawa, Ontario

“Biology has given us something to draw about, physics has given us more ways and angles to draw, and chemistry has given us a plethora of materials to draw with. Art enables and inspires me to explore science in more depth and detail. Not only does it allow me to draw and record my findings, it also lets me come up with some ideas of my own. Without science, art is only imagination.”

Popular Vote

Microscope Rose
Nadia Oyebode (Grade 8)
Queen Elizabeth Public School, Ottawa, Ontario

“For this project I decided to draw the magnification of a red rose petal. The background is black. I put a bit of stripes of the rainbow to balance the darkness, I’m inspired by the circular shapes and the change of color. I think the change of color would be by the pigmentation. The magnification of a red rose petal is being cleared of their red pigment and gradually revealing the flowers cellular pigment.”

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